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cooking with dave

hey, i hope everyone is having fun watching me cook. my joke is that i am the world ' s greatest chef. i think that we all should be the world ' s greatest chef in our own kitchens. if you cook for your family almost everyday of the week, then you are their world ' s greatest chef. if you were not, then they would not keep coming back for more. lets all try and be the world ' s greatest chef for our families. please let me know what you think. i love suggestions and i will try and cook almost anything. let me know.

i have lived all over the carolinas. when i was in the army, i was stationed in korea and arizona. after the army i lived in naples, italy for three years, learning how to cook. i cook most things with a carolina twist. cooking is what tastes good. don ' t hold me to a recipe. i go with what tastes good!